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DEFENDORY is always looking for highly competent, experienced, talented and motivated individuals in order to increase our operational team. The candidate must fulfill and present to the HR Department the following required documentation:


  1. European Nationality                                        personnel
  2. Special Forces experience according military/law enforcement records for at least 2 years.
  3. Valid Passport, ID card, Social Security Nr. and Tax Nr. with at least 18 months validity remaining
  4. Valid Seaman Book issued by Republic of Cyprus or Republic of Greece or Republic of Panama with at least 18 months validity remaining
  5. Seaman’s Certification of Medical Examination
  6. Military Firearms certificate or Military Sniper Certificate
  7. Clean Criminal Record (penal registration) issued the last 45 days
  8. Knowledge of English language (understand, speak, read and write)
  9. Vaccination Certificate for
    1. Yellow Fever
    2. Cholera
    3. Hepatitis
    4. Tetanus
  10. Medical Examinations Certificate for
    1. Blood Examinations (complete blood count, cholesterol, triglyceride, sugar percentage, SGOT, SgPT) and Urine-analysis
    2. Cardiology Certification
    3. Thorax X-Ray Certification
    4. Eye examination
    5. Psychological Status
  11. Physical Condition (Certificate by Fitness Center according physical fitness measurements)
  12. Military Trainings Certificates
  13. Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping - STCW/95
  14. First Aid Certification (optional)
  15. Ship Security Officer Course
  16. Diving License (optional)
  17. Firearms Possession License or Firearms Knowledge Certification
  18. Military Awards (optional but high desirable)
  19. Military War or Peacekeeping Operations Experience (optional but high desirable
  20. IT and networking knowledge (optional)
  21. Recommendations by trust-worthy people
  22. At least 3 trips in the HRA (only for team-leader)


Please note that DEFENDORY strictly employs ONLY former military (Special Forces) personnel. Upon invitation for an interview with DEFENDORY all applicants MUST provide documentary evidence of time served with Armed Forces, certification of discharge and disclosure of criminal records.

If you feel that you meet our high professional standards please complete the form below, attaching your current CV.

Recruitment Form

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