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Who we are

DEFENDORY Limited is a private Maritime Security Company offering a comprehensive range of risk mitigation solutions, with focus to the Maritime Sector. Having recognized the need for higher and firmer rules and standards to be set by private Maritime Security Companies in this Market, we operate under the strictest regulations, fulfilling all recent IMO guidelines for the use of armed security guards onboard merchant vessels, and provide our employees, customers as well as other interfered parties, the safest and most secure possible foundations for successful, trouble free passages.

Our management team consists of former military, intelligence and navy officers, as well as a very experienced team of business and financial managers.

Our operatives consist of mainly Greek ethnicity, highly skilled personnel of naval, maritime and military background who have been evaluated on a number of physical psychological skill tests in order to be admitted into our teams, and undertake still, continuous training in order to be fully compliant to the adaptive piracy threat. All of our Operational Personnel have proven operational experience as well as War Operations such as Afghanistan, Kosovo and Maritime Counter terrorism, which allows us to provide focused Integrated Security Services and Solutions, tailored to the unique needs of customers, according the International Laws and IMO Regulations.

DEFENDORY’s mission is to proactively protect its clients’ interests, crews, vessels and cargoes, while understanding their needs, requirements and concerns.

Why us

We support our customers by delivering the following service packs: Maritime Security and Antipiracy Services; Guarding Services; Security Consultancy Services. Choosing DEFENDORY, our cooperation will be guided by our fundamental principles, as follows:

  • Code of Ethics                                                                                              company
  • Consistency - Responsibility
  • Continuous Training and Business Development
  • Confidentiality
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Legality


With the proper implementation of these fundamental principles we benefit our customer, the following:

  • Prevent Attack.
  • Reduce incidents.
  • Reduction in insurance costs.
  • Reduction in trade disputes.
  • Reduction in legal disputes.
  • Enhanced relationships with the state - and state fl ag - and port basis.
  • Enhanced relationships with the ports.
  • Moral raising of the seamans and the company’s personnel.
  • Reliability - good reputation in the shipping market.
  • Upgraded prospects for new contracts.
  • Financial benefits.



  • We are a signatory company to the International Code of Conduct (ICoC) for Private Security Service Providers under the rules of the Government of Switzerland.
  • We are member of the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI).
  • We operate according to ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS), which includes, Rules of Engagement (ROE) and use of force procedures guide, Standing Operations Procedure (SOP) guide and Defensive Measures guide.


Quality Policy

HSSE Policy


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